[Moon] [Moon-Net] [FFMA] Interest in DM17 on 2 meters?

Franz van Velzen (OE3FVU / PE0WGA) oe3fvu at oe3fvu.eu
Thu Feb 5 19:28:51 CET 2015

Hi Jim!

I still don't have NV on the list, one of the 6 missing states on 2m - so yes, I would really like that!

Best 73

Franz (OE3FVU / PE0WGA)
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You might be surprised who you might be able to work on 2m EME using JT65B mode with a relatively modest station.  I would not be at all surprised if there are quite a 
few 2m EME stations still looking for NV on 2m for WAS ;-)   GL and VY 73, Lance

On 2/4/2015 7:11 PM, 'Bill Ockert - ND0B' nd0b at ockert.us [FFMA] wrote:
> Good afternoon Jim,
> I am not really chasing anything on 2m except WAS and the three I have left are all 
> New England states.   Other than that I work them as they are available.... just 
> checked you would be around 1125 miles +- so would be happy to work you if you 
> decide to put up an antenna.
> 73 de Bill ND0B
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> Gang - I'm going to revamp my antenna farm at our second QTH in Goldfield, NV, 
> DM17, in April. I've worked quite a few of you on 6 meters from there - both FSK441 
> on M/S, and good ol' E-skip.
> But I'm considering adding a 2-meter beam to the stack. There's absolutely no one 
> to talk to locally there, but I can imagine making some FSK441 Qs from there on 2. 
> I'd be limited to 100 watts - with present gear any way. I'm thinking about a 
> 5-element beam for 2; it would be about 40 feet up.
> Should I bother, or is 6 meters "good enough?" 73 - Jim, K6ZH (and KG7NV in Goldfield)
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