[Moon] DUBUS/REF EME report de n4gjv

Ron Barlow rmb1991 at live.com
Tue Feb 10 07:39:43 CET 2015

Hello all,

  Conditions appeared to be incredibly poor, during my first moon pass, of the DUBUS/REF contest weekend. Either that, or perhaps nearly each and every signal that I heard, was arriving nearly cross polarized, at my QTH?? This situation prevailed on both 2m & 70cm. Not only were signals very weak, but they were extremely difficult to copy, with characteristics that did indeed suggest that they were nearly cross polarized.
 Ironically, the only two stations that I heard with near normal signal strength were both located in the auroral zone---VE6TA and KL6M!
  Conditions improved dramatically, during the second moon pass, but I experienced one way propagation on 2m.
 I answered many CQs from stations that I was hearing extremely well, yet I received only a QRZ? reply, or no reply at all. Perhaps the shoes were now "on the other foot"? 
  On 2m, I did log random QSOs with OZ1HNE, UA3PTW, LZ2US, .OK1MS, and SP7DCS. Got-aways include  IK1FJI, OK1VVP, K9MRI, IK2DDR , SP4K and others---nearly all  called without success.
 On 70 cm, I logged random QSOS with UA3PTW, G3LTF, K2UYH, VE6TA, KL6M, VK3UM, SM4IVE, DF3RU, SP7DCS, SP6JLW, OH2DG, ES5PC, OZ4MM, I1NDP, and OK1KIR. I could only muster a partial QSO with JA6AHB, before losing moon access, at an elevation angle of ~ 17 degrees, when the moon becomes blocked by a metallic structure that abruptly and absolutely ends my moon window. 
 Got-aways include LZ1DX, and JA6AHB.
  Many thanks to all participants, for the great CW EME fun, with special thanks to the European enthusiasts that stayed up late, to provide  contacts for those of us here, in North America!
 And, of course, a multitude of thanks to DUBUS and the REF, for their sponsorship efforts!
                   Vy 73 de Ron n4gjv
2m EME; 4 x 3.1 WL fixed horiz pol Yagis & 2 x 4CX250 PA
70cm EME; 4 x 6.8 WL fixed horiz pol Yagis & 2 x 4CX250 PA 		 	   		  
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