[Moon] Fw: [Moon-Net] W5LUA/0 - 3 cm EME Demo at Central States VHF Societyconference in Minnesota in EN34sb

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73 Peter G3LTF 

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Subject: [Moon-Net] W5LUA/0 - 3 cm EME Demo at Central States VHF Societyconference in Minnesota in EN34sb

Hello 3 cm EMEers

I will be providing a 3 cm EME demo at the 50th annual Central States VHF Society conference in Rochester, MN in EN34sb on both this coming Friday and Saturday from about 1100Z to 1400Z. maybe later if there is still activity. I will be setting up on Thursday but the main audience will be on Friday and then Saturday. Internet will only be from the hotel room unless someone has a hot spot for me in the parking lot.

I have been working on this set up for weeks and have not had the time to make a QSO yet with it but all the key parts are there. The system is a 1 m offset fed dish. Measured sun noise is 7.7 dB dB and 5.25 dB ground to cold sky. Power is supplied by a G3WDG GaN PA and driver. I have only pushed it to 40 watts at the feed but it seems to work nicely. I have both CW and JT-4F on one Win 7 laptop and a second XP laptop can do Doppler frequency correction with the K5GW program.


At the moment I have a CW sked with K5GW on Saturday July 30th at 1300Z on 10368.050 MHz. I have tentative skeds with WA3LBI and G3WDG on JT-4F. Details forthcoming. If logger coordination is failing , I will always be transmitting on 10368.1 MHz from EN34sb. I guess if we wanted to get brave , I would transmit on 10368.1 MHz on the moon but that may be more confusing. So…if I am transmitting on 10368.1 MHz from EN34sb, you will then have to adjust your transmit frequency such that it falls on my echo frequency just like I was calling CQ on CW or JT-4F.

Hope to work a few. Keep in mind this is purely a demo to try to get more people interested in 10 GHz EME in the US. I still want to get some sleep, hihi and attend the conference too so…operating time will be limited. I hope you understand.


Al W5LUA/0 EN34sb

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