James Malone wa3lbi at me.com
Sun Jul 31 22:42:13 CEST 2016

Hello ,


I also want to thank Peter G3LTF for organizing this event. 


I certailnly need more practice with my station as I am a builder more than
an operator!

There were plenty of signals ! 

Doppler is still a challenge I need to study this more to make better use of
random contacts calling CQ.

I heard and visualized (with waterfall and spectrum monitors)  many CW
stations .

Since my ears and CW skills are poor (plus Doppler)  I have avoided trying
CW for now. 

I worked W5LUA with a very small station . my main target .


I hope to see more activity on 3cm as it is my main EME band. I have a new
TWTA and hope to mount it on the antenna soon .


73 to all!


Hope to see you again (maybe even CW and Circular POL!)


Jim WA3LBI FN20ji 

2.4 m antenna

300w TWTA 

30M of elliptical wave guide on TX

Kuhne Xverter - LNA


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