[Moon] Az El motorized rotor for up to 16 foot dish

Steve Gross-N4PZ n4pz at live.com
Sun Jul 2 23:25:07 CEST 2017

Hello Gents

I have a large 24 volt motorized rotor which originally was part of a 16 foot TVRO dish. The main motorized part is 11 inches in diameter and 11 inches high. It's set up with the mounting structure to accept a 10 foot dish. No mounting arrangement for the dish is needed. I have a 4 inch pipe with a plate on one end which bolts on the bottom of the rotor. Just a bare bones dish is needed. It is heavy. The controller died long ago but the rotor Az & El still works fine. Other than being dirty from years of being in my garage it works fine. It must weigh at least 75 lbs and it is large so shipping could be a problem. Make any reasonable offer. It can be set up for AZ/EL or a Polar mount.

Ask for pictures.



You buy it you MUST promise to use it if you take it.

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