[Moon] 6cm Activity Weekend coming up

Barry Malowanchuk ve4ma at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 14 22:22:39 CEST 2017

HI Peter, 

sorry I will not be QRV, as I am in Paris on business until the 24th, but I hope to get on 10 G on the 25th ( have not looked at moon location then. 

Best 73 
Barry VE4MA 

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Next weekend June 17/18th is the 6cm Activity Weekend. Not brilliant moon conditions I know, but as I pointed out in January it is not easy to find good eme weekends this year that arent booked for contests etc. I plan to be on when I can get a clear moon, GHA 300deg to about 60 degrees both days. 
I will be on HB9Q for skeds/ tests. 6m dish 40W at feed. 
For newcomers: The idea of activity weekends is to encourage activity on the higher microwave bands outside contest weekends. There are no restrictions... if you wish then use the logger, telephone, HF....and use any mode. It is not a contest. It enables everyone to make QSOs, test new equipment, feeds, preamps etc. Hopefully some of the big guns get on and provide signals for newcomers to look for. 
GL 73 Peter G3LTF 
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