[Moon] 3cm progress

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Mon Jun 26 10:21:09 CEST 2017

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Like Peter, I also made some changes to my 3cm EME system this weekend. I used an SM6FHZ feed with linear polarisation to my 2.3m prime focus dish. There was a noticeable improvement over the re-purposed commeercial Chaparral feed I had been using. I was able to quickly change over the feeds to do an A/B comparison. The sun noise/cold sky was improved to 12.2dB from 10.8dB and moon noise from 0.7 to 1.0dB. Ground noise/cold sky on the 'FHZ was 5.2dB

I need to improve tracking still further and find a way to incorporate the SSPA.

I was so busy making measurements that I didn't really bother to check who the stations were that kept popping up, except HB9Q and OZ1LPR!

I felt this was a successful improvement and I feel encouraged. I hope to be fully operational later this year.

73 de Sam, G4DDK

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