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Peter, Vlada

the fact that using a 2.4m dish LIN Pol can truly random copy CP signal from 1m dish with only 50W at PA output (net at feed maybe 40W) is a very strong argument to change to CP for everybody, as decided at the Prague EME conference  long ago. 

Given, the LIN Pol stn would have had CP instead, the signal would have been much easier copied, all losses by the not perfect CP feed included. The advantage would have been approx. 2.5dB.

I made 2 fully random QSOs CP with 1m dish and moderate power. Already 1.2m dish would improve another 3dB. Btw: I like "insane" power  by others, it enables me to copy them even with small dish and WP "wrong Pol")

I think time has come to go CP. No more excuses.

73 Dominique



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Hi Peter,

very well, you touched everything, so I have nothing to add to.

Looking for another "insane" beacon power from you on 6cm !

GL and 73,

Vlada for OK1KIR



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Hi Vlada I found the conditions quite good I had roaring echo during the weekend. 


I have also given the CP/LIN some thoughts and I get by using V pol and  twist in case of need. Problem is no one get their CP Feeds near the performance of Lin feeds. There are additional losses in the CP feeds. Furthermore when one design a feed it is almost not fitting 100% illumination wise. Specially in Offset dishes that can be felt. Also dimensions are quite critical on 3cm making a good Circular Feed. 

I would need a waveguide Feed for Andrew/channelmaster dish. 

I am sure it will be hard to get all to agree on the topic.  

Agreed power is insane at JLW and at my Station. Well my TWTA is a Class A TWT and does like making max power out in the feed. Otherwise it is just dissipated in the TWT. It draws 3000W from the 230V when PTT. It delives around 750W on the flange but big loss in feeder system. 


Why alligator power ???. Well it makes everybody able to hear a signal from the moon same as the Beacon but only better as there Is actually a person behind. 

I try to infect as many as possible to this challenging part of our hobby. Hearing a signal from the moon makes them want more. 

Even my own kids are very amazed when I let them say a few words and hear them back from the Moon :o). 


Vlada it is stations like you that makes the band a success as it is always possible to work you. 


By the way soon I be QROO on 5.7Ghz also I just got the Waveguide feeder so will make 500W where around 300W will hit my Feed horn that actually is CP :O)

Have a nice day both of you.

73 Peter LPR



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Hi Dominique,

first sincere congrats to 1st CW 3cm QSO.

However something still to think about as the both OZ1LPR and SP6JLW have huge TX power.

Have you ever found ours 50W signal during the contest ?

FYI, we made 32 CW QSOs.

E.g. we made also random CW QSO with OK2AQ with 1.2m dish and similar power (close to 50W at max) at spread of 120Hz, but with linear polarisation !

Seems, these 3dB is terrible difference in real ether ! 

Probably, we shall live with LP vs CP troubles for some years and for many it is not as easy to swap it.  

Vy 73,






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Hello All
Yesterday I wkd my 1st. 3cm EME QSO withOZ1LPR. It took almost 45 minutes to complete due to my small signal. Later I had another chance with SP6JLW, - same proceedure taking 30 minutes.. Easy copy at HB9BBD.No chatroom arrangement or internet stuff, real EME in CW.Thank you guys for this great fun!
Rig at HB9BBD: 1M offset dish, CIRCULAR  POL, 50W, home made LNA 0.65dB NF.
73 HB9BBD, Dominique

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