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Don sorry you miss!!! Automated QSO is not HAM RADIO!!! It is PC-PC QSO and 
if anybody as ham radio is not involved in this, it is not HAM RADIO !!!!

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Předmět: Re: [Moon] Joe Taylor 
"No, I did not miss anything. Just go knit sweaters if that is what you 
like. Some of us enjoy automated QSOs. It all depends on what you like. One 
does not disallow the other. There is room for all. If you like sweaters, 
that is fine, go knit, just don’t try to tell the rest of us how to do our 
ham radio. If you don’t like automated QSOs, then do not do them. But leave 
the rest of us alone and don’t accuse us of ruining ham radio. We might 
think the same thing about you.

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> On Mar 12, 2018, at 2:04 PM, John PA5MS <john at pa5ms.nl> wrote:
> Don,
> It seems you missed the clue... It was all about Automated QSO's let your 
computer automatically make QSO's for you even while you're away.. if that 
is the future of amateur radio, I'm going to knit sweaters
> 73! John PA5MS
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> Dear Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT. Please disregard these recent vile, rude, and 
irrelevant emails concerning the future of amateur radio. Such vitriol from 
fellow amateurs is inexcusable. Their opinions do not represent the majority
of amateur radio operators. With all the spectrum and modes available, I 
cannot comprehend how these few people think everything must be done their 
old fashioned way. I assume they use the modern conveniences of electricity,
automobiles, TV, central heating systems, etc. so it is not that they hate 
modern things, just people who do not do things their hard way.
> I encourage you to continue to improve the techniques that you and your 
group have developed. I and many other amateur radio operators enjoy the 
benefits provided by computer processing of weak signals and other forms of 
advanced radio. The encoding techniques and the mathematics that support 
them are fascinating even if not appreciated by some people. Thank you for 
all your work. It is indeed admirable. Thanks again. Best 73s.
> Respectfully yours,
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>> On Mar 12, 2018, at 12:41 PM, Dominique Fässler via Moon <moon@
moonbounce.info> wrote:
>> What a sick mind behind automated QSO's!
>> As we know in many other disciplines of life, human perversion happens 
all over. 
>> My dish for 23cm will be dismantled before the mid of the year after 20 
years EME in CW. It was a thrilling period of my life in CW with many 
stations and almost no skedding. I did not count the numbers but the fun and
quality of signals was important.
>> Now 3cm attracts me more - terrestrial and EME. It still offers many 
sorts of challenges, and again, it is technology in combination with 
relationships within the amateur community.
>> If someone is interested in some high-power gear or other equipmenet, 
please send me a note. 
>> I had a wonderful time on 23cm and do not regret the many hours spent. It
is just the next period of my life beginning and not less thrilling. 
>> Instead of computer gaming, the computer jobs here are more likely 
antenna control, SDR and rainscatter issues.
>> Thanks guys for all the handmade QSO's we had. I am looking back with 
>> 73 HB9BBD
>> Dominique
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>> Subject: [Moon] The future of Amateurradio
>> Thanks K1JT for totaly destroying the Hobby!!
>> it started on 2 m with bagpipes then it whent higher and higher in freq 
Now have Jesus invented a new mode called FT8
>> Lets see how long time it takes before this Contestmode http://www.arrl.
>> appears in The ARRL EME contest!!!! and similar.
>> In my point of view it looks like K1JT are destroying the hobby totaly.
>> So guys lets install this Idiot software and start it, then go on 
vacation, http://ae5x.blogspot.se/2018/01/video-fully-automated-ft8-qsos.
html When you get back maybe you have 5000 Qsos in the log and QSl sent to 
LOTW Really a nice future,
>> Maybe you will se this FANTASTIC software in Holland 2018 EME and 
celebrate Jesus.
>> Lars SM4IVE
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