[Moon] Joe Taylor or FT8 or The future...

Franz (OE3FVU _ PE0WGA) oe3fvu at oe3fvu.eu
Tue Mar 13 11:07:26 CET 2018

I have been away for 4 days and must I understand that we are now moving from JT- flavours to an automated FT-8 contest mode for EME?????

MY understanding is that FT-8 is NOT being used for EME, but only on HF.

So MY opinion is that a discussion in whatever aspect of FT-8 has no place on MOON-NET !

Apart from that there is NEVER any need to insult people or call people Names.

Let's keep it nice here boys. And enjoy your hobby the way you want.

Best 73
Franz (OE3FVU / PE0WGA)
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