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g4bao john at g4bao.com
Tue Mar 27 00:47:49 CEST 2018

I enjoyed my weekend as well, working the "usual suspects" plus K2UYH and
SP6OPN for CW initials #26+27.

On Saturday (my report 2nd) I worked OK1CA 579/559, PA3DZL 559/559, OH2DG
569/559, G3LTF 569/559 ES5PC 569/549 UA3PTW 539/569 and K2UYH  O/O
"Saw" a lot more signals on both 2304 and 2320 but mostly just too weak to
make out calls with my little system. Amazingly I missed HB9Q this time, I
guess I was lost under the pileup. Interesting to note that the strongest
stations I heard on 2304 were European.  Shame on you USA! ;-)

On Sunday SP6OPN 579/559, LX1DB 559/ 559, and OK1DFC 539/539.
"Gotaway" was KL6M (damn!) :-) who I saw on HB9Q but never heard. He posted
a report on HB9Q of my last CQ, but only after I'd closed down and gone to
Frustratingly I'd asked him for a sked 45 minutes earlier with no reply,
Guess he wanted a "proper" contest QSO and didn't want to respond or wasn't
watching! ....Next time Mike....Please!

Tonight I worked DL7YC on CW for #27

Please note that I think I'm the only UK station with a 2300-2302 permit
that's QRV on EME in this part of the band. I know the TS2K at least will
operate down to 2301.95 with a 2404 transverter where I tend to make skeds.

Anyone with 2320 QRM problems like a sked? CW/JT


On 26 March 2018 at 22:48, Peter Blair via Moon <moon at moonbounce.info>

> I started off on Saturrday with CW QSOs with OK1CA, UA3PTW, OH2DG, ES5PC,
> SP6OPN,  and OK1DFC. I then concentrated on 2400MHz and worked JA8ERE,
> JA4BLC and JA6AHB who is now the loudest JA with a really nice signal.
> Calling on the corresponding frequency  ( 2400.060 = 2320.060) worked
> well.  I then worked ZS6EME on ssb, OH1LRY, SM3BYA, F1PYR, HB9Q, PA3DZL,
> G4BAO ( smallest station worked. 559 from a 1.9m dish) , S53MM, F5JWF,OZ5G
> and F5HRY but had to quit at 16:45, before the US / NA window, for a long
> planned concert attendance. Got back on at 23:00 and worked VE6TA, KL6M (
> huge signal now) and K2UYH, but like Manfred I missed some of the NA
> stations who had been on. I called WD5AGO  but, unusually, he was
> apparently not listening cross band.
> On Sunday I started with PSU problems ( as in - it blew up!) but then
> worked DL7YC, SP7DCS, OK2ULQ, SP3XBO, OZ4MM, DF3RU, LX1DB (CW and ssb)
> WA9FWD, N4PZ, and WA6PY. CWNR PE1LWT, Heard W7JM, (loud but John has no
> cross band Rxs) and also heard IK7UXW 549, but had no opportunity to call
> him.
> So I worked 33, total calls heard 37, a bit down on the best years and
> several well known calls missing, I worked no Italians this year.
> My sun noise, 6m dish, was 16.6dB with SF65 and moon noise 1.0dB
> 13cm is a great band for EME, probably the best, but it is possibly more
> of an engineering challenge with the different allocations. But in Europe
> at least it seems to be fairly easy to find 200W+ PAs from 2.1GHz cellular
> surplus.  Get ready for the 13cm Activity Weekend on August 4/5th, however
> I think most people can be on at a days notice ( for me a few hours) so
> there will probably be activity before then anyway.
> Thanks to all for the fun QSOs,
> 73 Peter G3LTF
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