[Moon] 4U1ITU news

Zdenek SAMEK-OK1DFC ok1dfc at seznam.cz
Wed Sep 5 09:15:16 CEST 2018

Hi EME gang, time is running and as was presented EME expedition to 4U1ITU 
is close. Last weekend and last two days I spend with testing and works on 
24 GHz. Finally I was able on 24 GHz work OK1KIR -18/-23dB JT4F even spread 
we had 300 Hz and rainy weather with very high humidity. (Worse combination 
for 24 GHz band)  I will try to improve little bit my power on 24 GHz in 
next days, but system works and is chance to work as also on 1,5cm. OK1KIR 
were received best -13dB on QRA64D and speaker copy. So RX performance of 
180cm dish is great. I have now 10,7dB Sun noise, CS/G 2,4dB and Moon noise 
1,1 - 1,3dB depend of clear sky or clouds.

After those tests Vlada OK1DAK from OK1KIR team calculated spread for whole 
expedition and according that I have slightly change the band plan and 
activity. I hope we will have best possible spread for MW bands. Please 
check carefully, we seriously do not have time to organize it in other way !
!! All about you will find on:


Please pay also attention to our notice about traffic in JT, QRA and CW 
modes. During expedition we will be on HB9Q for possible sked coordination. 

Now I will check couple last details and start to wrapping up all stuff.

Looking forward to work many of you via Moon.

Zdenek - OK1DFC
QRV EME 144 MHz - 10 GHz
WAC 432 - 1296 - 2320 MHz
WAZ #9 - WAS 432 #29
DXCC 432 - 1296 MHz

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