[Moon] Sun noise

Steve Gross-N4PZ n4pz at live.com
Thu Sep 6 19:39:39 CEST 2018

Hello Gentlemen

I am tweaking my dish in preparation for winter. I am having trouble reaching sun noise as I measured in the past.

I have consulted with K2UYH. K5GW. KL6M, WB2BYP and other knowledgeable gents.

Is there any chance the sun is so quiet that I am unable to see the sun noise level I was seeing in past years?

My feed and preamps are perfect showing 6 db cold sky to ground. Feed on bore sight. Focus apparently correct. Still adjusting that.

Tell me if your system is reading sun noise as previously encountered.

It is as though the sun suddenly got 4-5 db quieter in my case.

That's impossible in my opinion. Checking GR-1236 noise meter calibration. Help me out. You guys are the smartest around.


Steve N4PZ

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