[Moon] HB9Q QRV 29./30.Sept. during the ARRL Microwave EME Contest

Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ dan at hb9q.ch
Wed Sep 26 14:42:38 CEST 2018

Hi All


We plan to be QRV during the ARRL Microwave EME Contest weekend on 13, 9, 6
and 3cm (and we are stand-by on 70 and 23cm). As always we are very keen to
work new initials, especially QRP stations, on all bands. 

We will be QRV as follows: 

29. Sept. 03.00z to 09.15z and 20.15z to 22.30z 

30. Sept. 05.00z to 10.30z

We will switch bands according to activity. Please look for us on the
HB9Q-loggers, we will announce our frequencies there. Or send us an e-mail
with your frequencies and times so we can look for you.


Good luck all!


Vy 73, Dan HB9Q



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