[Moon] ON0EME beacon

Eddy Jespers ejespers at telenet.be
Sat Aug 24 16:46:32 CEST 2019

Hi Sam,

Donations for the beacon are not necessary, this gives us a “ no obligation “ but we try to keep it running. The recurring cost is quite low, only the yearly license fee and the domain registration + ddns are the only costs involved. We do not have to pay for the electricity consumption ( which is significant for this beacon ) as well our  IP connection is run by hams and free of charge for us.

Keeping the beacon up and running is part of our hobby anyway ;-)

This time one of the two drains of the MRF13750H came lose of the output PCB. The copper pad was all rotten and only 1mm of material was left from the device. I just soldered a copper part to the remains of the drain and the output now is only 350 watt with 7 watt drive and 800 watt DC power ( 40 V   20 A ) In the beacon the drive power is slightly higher so there I expect around 400 W  I have the amplifier in test now. Hopefully this will hold for some time.

I just ordered a new MRF13750H for future repairs or if this repair would fail.

In regards of the failed output C’s , Charlie G3WDG suggested to leave out the output C’s and just bridge the parts with a copper bridge. Since the probe in the feed is not DC grounded it is not really a problem to have DC on the output. Paul W1GHZ suggested to  replace the ATC’s by short pieces of semi rigid to make the capacitors .   I will play with both suggestions tomorrow.

Vy 73’s Eddy ON7UN

> On 24 Aug 2019, at 15:48, jewell at btinternet.com wrote:
> Eddy,
> I guess the same donation offer should also be made to you guys for all the hard work and materials for such a useful facility.
> Any need, and if so, how to donate?
> 73 de Sam, G4DDK
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> On Saturday, August 24, 2019, 2:12 pm, Eddy Jespers via Moon <moon at moonbounce.info> wrote:
> The power amplifier of the ON0EME beacon failed again. We will try to fix it over the weekend.
> Hopefully back early next week.
> 73’s Eddy ON7UN
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