[Moon] ARRL Cabrillo logs

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 1 13:57:06 CET 2019

>From my understanding, the Cabrillo log needs the sent and received signal reports for the ARRL EME contest. This is the "unknown" info passed between stations. Yes, the DG (digital WSJT QSOs) have the signal report as "O"  or "OOO" and "RO" and it is somewhat repetitive as all digital QSOs have the same signal report. For other non-EME VHF contests, the exchange of "unknown" info is the grid square. Only recently has ARRL improved the robot and log processing and checking for the EME contest so that more logs can be rapidly checked. In the past, much was done with paper log checking. To my understanding, the robot log checking will accept O or OOO or RO as the digital signal reports. Of course, the CW QSOs will accept three digit or the three letter OOO  MMM  TTT reports and phone QSOs will have a 2 digit report.
Please submit your contest logs to ARRL, no matter how big or small. If anyone needs assistance in transforming their log to Cabrillo format of submitting their log, I can try to assist. Also, the ARRL staff member has been very helpful in assisting log submission and finding ways to make corrections to complete submission. TNX Rick K1DS

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