[Moon] WSPR TX

Serge Szpilfogel ve1kg at eastlink.ca
Sun Jun 23 17:41:16 CEST 2019

Hi! Guys I got interested in WSPR & I am setting up a small beacon for 7mhz
& 50Mhz for E skip . The output power is 350 Mw. It runs on 5VDC I wonder if
a smart charger exist??

The beacon is outside at the antenna powered by a power pack which needs to
be recharged often depending  how often the TX transmit. Every 4 minutes
for 2 minutes.

This deplete the power pack quickly . I have configured the software & this
WSPRTX will run on 7mhz up to 21mhz it is also GPS controlled to TX
precisely at the top of the clock.

I really need a 5VDC source outside at the antenna which keeps on going.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Serge VE1KG


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