[Moon] The Swedish EME Conference update

Lars Pettersson sm4ive at telia.com
Thu Mar 7 10:13:24 CET 2019


Today i added some more rooms at the hotel as the participantslist grows 

_*FYI The deadline for registration and payment are 23 April 2019*_

If you have any special needs like Vegetarian food please let me know.

The following are arriving  thursday 23 May    OE5JFL WB2BYP     correct 
me if i am wrong or have forrgotten some :-)  I have booked some rooms 
for thursday night

If you like to sell or buy anything there are space for fleamarket.

If you bring LNA s or noisesources for meesurements please send me how 
many   so we can plan the time frame.

More uppdates will follow.

73 Cu

Lars SM4IVE    432&UP EME   Sweden 2019

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