[Moon] G3LTF results 13cm CW Dubus-REF contest

Peter Blair pkb100 at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 18 10:24:19 CET 2019

Strong winds here prevented operation until 3 hours after MR on Sunday, between then at 2345 I worked 17,  OK1KIR, UA3PTW, OH1LRY,SP6OPN, OH2DG, RA3EME, SP3XBO, ES5PC, JJ1NNJ* #, UA3TCF, G4BAO, IZ2DJP, F5JWF, SP2HMR, W5LUA*, WA9FWD*, K2UYH*.  * indicates cross band. VE6BGT heard on 2304.
Hard to draw any conclusions about activity from only part of the final moon pass but signals were good, as you would expect from near perigee.
Thanks to all for the nice QSOs.
I will leave the 13cm gear in the dish until about 18.00, then at 22.00 I will be on 9cm for a test, if anyone wants a QSO, email me or look on the HB9Q logger.
73 Peter G3LTF 

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