[Moon] 6cm EME sked with JA4BLC - update

Howard Ling howard at g4cch.com
Mon Aug 17 11:03:14 CEST 2020

I completed easily with Yoshi JA4BLC, JF3HUC and JA1WQF this morning.


Yesterday, the wind was moving the dish almost outside the beamwidth of my
antenna, so it was almost impossible to copy weak signals and my echoes at


Today, we have almost no wind, so much better conditions to try with
marginal stations.


Really have to do something about the backlash on my azimuth drive.!!!

Problem is cost and no cash right now.


I tried with Neil G4LDR yesterday, but never heard him. 

Apparently he was a better signal earlier in the day.
So if Neil is available, I would like to try again today if possible.


If anyone else wants to try a sked - pls email me or look for me on HB9Q


Best 73 & GL

Howard G4CCH




I will leave my 6cm system in the dish for the next few days and have a sked
in the morning 17 Aug at 0600 with JA4BLC on 5760.100.  Maybe others will
want to join in afterwards.


Would also welcome in further skeds


73 & GL

Howard G4CCH


5.4m dish, 40W at feed, Scaled N2UO feed, G3WDG lna

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