[Moon] AW 9cm and 6cm_OK1KIR report correction

vlada vlada.masek at volny.cz
Wed Aug 19 00:36:34 CEST 2020

Hi all involved !
Sri for the errors in the 9cm report. Here it goes corrected.
In AW 9cm on Sat, 16th Aug we lost suddenly the tracking computer and therefore most of the Sat Moon-pass. However worked 7 stns. With CW: G3LTF, SM3BYA, KL6M and with JT65C: KN0WS #38, KD3UY, K2UYH, KL6M #39 and G4CCH #40. Measured SN=16dB a MN=0.9dB.

On Sun, 17th Aug in AW 6cm good activity brought 16stns in total. 14stns worked with CW: JA1WQF, UR5LX, JA4BLC, RA3EME  #114, G4NNS, SM6CKU, G3LTF, SQ6OPG, OH2DG, DB6NT, G4LDR #115, K2UYH, IK2RTI and KL6M. Heard was G4CCH. 
With digi worked 5 stns (QRA64D: JA1WQF, KN0WS, OK1DFC, RA3EME #49 and JT4F: SM6CKU #50). Measured was only MN≈1.1+ dB. No chance with SN due to terrible WiFi interference up to ≈ 30...40 deg elevation.

Thanks to all for participation.
73, Tonda & Vlada
for OK1KIR

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