[Moon] 24ghz eme beacon

Per Dudek per at per-dudek.de
Sat Aug 29 11:00:37 CEST 2020


after 2years with a lot of problems and frustration my second Edition 
24ghz eme Station is qrv now.it is the same as 10ghz  also ready for 
working as a beacon. tech data: 3.7m dish, 110w at the feed,kuhne 
transverter and preamp.permanent beacon operation will be not with the 
twt, but with a transistor pa.for this ,the tx is switchable between 
transistor pa and twt.for i do have only a 1w transistor pa ,i need some 
help for buying a transistor pa with more power.if you need a 
beaconsignal in the meantime please send a mail and if possible i will 
run the beacon with the twt,but only for a limited time.of cause qso 
partners are welcome too,but my cw is very poor.

vy73 pr

ps     not before moon has reached higher elevation

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