[Moon] Dubus weekend WK9P

Tim Cherrone tcherrone at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 01:19:48 CEST 2020

I operated CW 4 hours Saturday and about 3 hours Sunday cut short due to a storm coming in. I worked 8 stations on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Some of the stations worked Saturday I was off on my elevation a few degrees but fortunately eventually figured it out. I was using a recently setup SDR scope to find CQ callers which was very helpful. I enjoyed hearing all of the CW activity. Currently I get the moon from the first half upon moonrise up. I have offending tree limbs in the way afterwards. I have a tree trimmer on schedule to remove them so I’ll have zero blockage but he may not be able to come out until early October. If someone cancels I will get the spot. 

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