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13cm is in fact the EME sweet spot. The power is relatively easy these days, LNAs are extremely good, the sky noise is a minimum, libration is only a little worse than 23cm and if you are building your own dish the tolerances are very manageble. With the same dish size and power, echoes are 5dB stronger than on 23cm. Whats not to like as they say? If you want the thrill of making EME ssb QSOs then 13cm is the band.
On the question of countries.... In the last DUBUS/REF CW/ssb contest I worked 32 stations on full random in 14 countries ( see post of 25th May) and there were at least 40 stations active with 3 or 4 more countries that I didnt work. Thats a pretty good distribution of activity. My overall countries score is 48 with 149 initials but thats not the highest by any means.
Yes we have the challenges of multiple allocations and cross band working but isnt this hobby supposed to be about experimentaion and innovation and an SDR makes it far simpler than it was.
73 Peter G3LTF 

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Hi folks!

Here in Sweden, the situation for 2.4 GHz is ridiculous. We initially had
the entire 2300-2450 MHz range with full legal power. Some time in the
nineties (if I remember correctly), the power limit was severely reduced
to 100 mW (yes, milliwatt) into the antenna system. To make it even worse,
we lost the entire 2300-2400 range just a few years back. This leaves us 
with only 2400-2450 MHz and that persisting 100 mW limit. The lawyers
at PTS (our Telecom authority) are not interested in ham radio, nor do they
even understand what ham radio is, so, the situation is not likely to change 
anytime soon.

There has been the possibility to apply for temporary higher power permits
but as we have seen lately with operators wanting to work Oscar 100 with
decent size dishes, applications have been generally denied with very few
exceptions. In this case we're talking about a measly 10 W or thereabout into
the antenna system.

73 de SM0OFV / Janne

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It's hard to keep track but I think in the US it's nominally 2304 (but we have 2300 to 2310 MHz and 2390 to 2450 MHz). In most of Europe I think EME is at 2320, in Japan it's 2424 and in VK it's just below 2302 MHz (but you would know that better than I do!). This is just from my notes, I'm not on 13cm myself

I'm not sure all Europe still has usable 13cm allocation for EME, I know some places were/are in danger of losing it or having restriction on power/frequency that would make EME impractical. 

The multiple frequencies and possible loss of activity from Europe have pretty much dissuaded me from building to get on 13cm. If I'm going to add a band to my existing 432 and 1296, 10Ghz is probably where I'll go

Bob, KA1GT


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Starting to ponder my future EME projects. One question I have is where are EME operators on the 2.3/2.4GHz band today? How many countries still have 2300-2301MHz or has it all moved to 2400-2401?


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