[Moon] ”Contest” report from SM6CKU

SM6CKU Ben at sm6cku.se
Mon Nov 30 14:08:48 CET 2020

First, I did not participate in the contest so this report could be a check log. Activity seems to have been very good but I spent only 7 hours, no night or early morning work.

Pre contest I worked SM5DGX and RA4HL on CW. On JT I worked IK3COJ, 4O6AH #, ON4QQ, RD4D #, IZ3VTH #, I7FNW and RX6AIA #, all on 1296.

Saturday evening I worked LZ2US, SM4IVE and SM6FHZ on CW. On JT: PA3FXB, RX6AIA, OH1LRY, OK1DFC, YO2LEL, IK5VLS.

Sunday evening on JT: F1RJ, DL7UDA, ON5GS, SM5DGX, G4FQI, IK2MMB, GM0PJD, RD4D, PA0PLY, RA4HL, RA3AUB, LA3EQ, DL3EBJ, OK1USW #, SP5GDM, UA3PTW, DF2GB, DL7AIG, DJ3JJ, PA3DZL, DK0ZAB, I5YDI, JA4LJB #, G7TZZ #, G4CCH, KA1GT, UA4LCF #. On CW the following stations were worked: G4CCH, IK3COJ, RA3EME, OK1CS, SP7DSC, DL7YC, SP3XBO, OE5JFL, G3RGK, G3LTF and 9A5AA. 

The new feedhorn (N2UO-design) have certainly improved both RX and TX performances, thanks to SM6PGP. Power 200 watts at the feed of my 8m dish.

 I don’t know who was in the contest or not, but I did announce my whereabouts several times on the logger.

73 de Ben 


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