[Moon] Activity report PA2DW

DW Harms (Dick) qtc at kpnmail.nl
Mon Nov 30 15:08:28 CET 2020

Hi all,


Well, this could better be named my “non-activity” report hi!

I was not able to be QRV much during the weekend, but on Saturday had a nice CW QSO with Hannes OE5JFL. I came back from a party so was not too clear in the head. Result: dishtracking was 20 degrees off and I forgot doppler correction so I was 1 kHz off frequency…. Hannes, how we made it is a miracle, but you are in the log!

I was disappointed with the signal strength (no wonder with 20 degrees off) so started tuning a bit around. I found a nice strong JT-signal which appeared to be W6YX, I managed to setup the Doppler correction this time and we had a smooth QSO!

On Sunday, the window was very limited as the contest stopped at 00z and my window started just 10=15 minutes prior. This time my tracking was fine and my head too 😊 I worked DL3EBJ and… that was it hi!


So a total monsterscore of three QSO’s, one CW. Fortunately my fellow countryman and PI9CAM co-operator Jan PA3FXB did way better, including a first PA-CE. Congrats Jan!


73, Dick PA2DW


K3/TR1296H/SSPA, 500W at dish/LNA 0,18 dB, 2.4 meter dish

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