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Thank you to all who responded W2HRO , DL7APV,N5NHJ & our novelist ED KL7UW
This may be of interest to newcomers as well as old timer like myself.
Serge VE1KG

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We are approaching a Major Lunar standstill.


The Major Lunar Standstill is a 21 year cycle - peak to peak.   This Major Standstill will peak in April 2025.

Times of lunar standstill
major standstill       minor standstill
May 1988                February 1997
June 2006               October 2015
April 2025               March 2034
September 2043     March 2053

I agree - this will open new moonrise and moonset paths to the edges of the earth.  

73 - Paul - W2HRO

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	Hi guys I spent a few hours & worked many stations. I have not been on the moon for the last 11months.

	What surprised me was the high declination of the moon

	Around 24 degrees. I have never seen that before!!!

	Being the most eastern station in North America I have on 

	Occasion worked the odd JA stations & Chinese & into Indonesia on my European window & I would assume with this new high declination, the Eastern coast of the USA probably have also access to south east Asia on their European window

	Can someone explain to me why the moon declination is so far North?? Also how long will it last??

	Thank you

	Serge VE1KG

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