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Hi all,


The TMO system was very useful in the days that we tried EME on the edge of
possibilities. I remember when I started EME in 1981, that sometimes even an
"M" was regarded enough for a QSO, but it actually means "I have parts of
the calls, but don't give up till I have all and then start sending "O". So
"M is actually not enough for a complete QSO of course.

"T" meant that a signal was detectable, but not (yet) readable. Its actually
a kind of "QRZ" and I found it was very usable. But nowadays we simply call


Exchanging the actual report is still the cherry on the cake for a QSO, so
nowadays I only switch to sending "O" when it is hard to copy the report. 

However, since my 23cm station is small, I often still have to use the "O"


My opinion regarding the contestlog: only use the actual report. Simply
replacing RST by "O" is an insult to those operators that went the extra
mile by sending the report!


73's Dick PA2DW


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Hi Ed,

I have not received an "O" report since my very early days on 23cM - some 25
years ago.

Everyone just sends me an RST and that is what I have sent.  While I know
the "O/M " system I had not even thought about it since those early (for me)
days. No clue  it was still being used.


Dale W4OP


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All fine (for normal ham radio).  EME has used the simpler system to make it
easier to copy (initially was all CW), ... so JT65 was designed to send the
same reports.  If you operate JT65, WSJT-10, or MAP65 that is the standard
message format.  WSJT-X added ability to send RST signal reports in effort
to expand into HF bands.  In order that tradional eme signal reports are
sent the contest mode was added to WSJT-X.

Also I have noted that many CW eme stations now send RST vs OOO, or RO.  Big
stations can copy that FB.

Also the ARRL VHF Contest has a different objective (working grid squares)
so that is used for information passed (translating to a signal report).

Other contests have varied objectives and info for counting contacts - gets
folks confused.

The ARRL EME Contest uses O, RO.  Rules very simple.

One often sees R-17 sent instead of RRR or 73 -17 or the like.  I see this
more on 1296 JT65 eme than 144.  A  tendency toward sending more info.  
All fine outside a contest.  Convert to O or RO for your ARRL EME Contest

73, Ed - KL7UW
disclaimer: I am not an ARRL Contest official (these are my

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It is simple, but everyone I work (and myself) appreciates an honest RST
report.  It is nice to observe, for example that after receiving a 579 from
station X for years, my new feed is now receiving consistent 589's from
station X.
Dale W4OP
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Since the late 1960s, the signal report for EME was(and still is) O.  When
using CW, we sent OOO or RO depending on what we had received.  This was
implemented in WSJT as OOO(Tx2) or RO(Tx3).  That is as simple as it gets.  

73 Marshall K5QE
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