[Moon] [Moon-Net] Finding the focus point in a dish

Conrad PA5Y g0ruz at g0ruz.com
Fri Sep 18 17:14:22 CEST 2020

I have been following this thread with great interest as I will be making a mess of this myself quite soon. How soon depends on 3rd parties and cash-flow 🙂

I have one of these solid dishes:

There is a plate over the centre, I have the plate but I noticed that it was not in position when I dismantled the dish.  As I will store the dish at zenith where does rainwater escape if not through the hole left by leaving the plate off?

Let me put it another way, can I leave a small hole for rainwater? The amount of noise picked up must be proportionally quite small, surely? On the lower bands I can use a mesh cover of course.

Just one of the many questions I have, many more to follow!

My intention is to try 23, 6 and then 3cms in that order.


Conrad PA5Y

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