[Moon] [Moon-Net] ARI IK1FJI result

Paul pchomins at san.rr.com
Wed Sep 23 06:41:45 CEST 2020

I'm sorry, I didn't had a window to EU at this low declination.

73 Paul WA6PY



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Hello  all...


I was qrv in the two legs, but unfortunately I see the moon at 22 degrees at
the moonrise, low declinations and higher noise than normal I had to do QRT
every two days before the moon set for family reasons.

I only participated in CW / SSB and I have qso's with 32 fine stations with
some dupe,, nice qso both CW and SSB with PI9CAM with the usual strong

Only one station from north america on the CW mode ... no good !!

I lost at least two stations, I got them sent QRZ  but too weak signal for
my antenna

Thanks everyone for the fun, I hope to be active in the next  ARRL contest


3.2 meters dish  with septum, >34db < 0.3NF, TH327  ea4tx tracking TS-2000x


                                                               73, Valter


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