[Moon] Submitting Cabrillo logs to ARRL

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 23 21:55:40 CEST 2020

Some of the EME ops have asked me for assistance to convert their logs to Cabrillo format and submit to ARRL. If you plan to operate and add to your log for weekends 2 and 3, please wait until your log is complete. If you need a tool to convert an EXCEL or similar log to Cabrillo, you can use the program at this address: http://b4h.net/cabforms/arrleme_cab3.php
However, your data must be arranged in a certain order and this specific fashion for it to convert. Here are examples from the log of PA0PLY

freq  mode date    time UTC  sent     call        received  (do not include this top line)

2.3G  DG     9/12    0110        OOO    OK1KIR       RO

2.3G  DG     9/12    0118        -6         UA3PTW    -11

2.3G  CW    9/12    0143        539      OK1CA       559

  the converter  then changes this to Cabrillo format below, also with a big header based on the info you submit on the first page of the converter

QSO: 2.3G RY 2020-09-12 0110 PA0PLY OOO OK1KIR RO
QSO: 2.3G RY 2020-09-12 0118 PA0PLY -6 UA3PTW -11
QSO: 2.3G CW 2020-09-12 0143 PA0PLY 539 OK1CA 559

Once your log is converted, copy and paste the entire log and the header with all info about you and your station into

the ARRL log submission page at https://contests.arrl.org/arrlemescoresubmission.php

As always, I am available to assist you. Do not submit your logs now if you plan to operate and include contacts on bands 50-1296.

73, Rick K1DS

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