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SM6CKU Ben at sm6cku.se
Tue Jan 5 18:27:12 CET 2021

Sad news,
I remember many SSB QSO’s in the early 80’s on 23 cm with Jan, Peter, G3LTF and Cor, VE7BBG. Rag chewing wasn’t that easy then.... I am also glad I did meet with Jan in Holland in 2018.
RIP Jan, but we will meet again....
Ben – SM6CKU

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Dear Dick and EME friends,

This is very sad news, Jan was  a lovely man and  a  first class engineer, my last memory of him is at the last eme conference entertaining  us all with guitar and songs, another skill that few of us knew about.

Jan was in at the very beginnings of 23cm eme, a participant in the 1967/68 tests run from the 60ft Holmdel NJ dish by Dick Turrin W2IMU. His 6m dish was superbly engineered and beautifully built and he got his 6 tube amplifier running to perfection. His signal was amazing and later he would have regular ssb chats for 20-30 minutes at a time with Cor VE7BBG (SK).

I was so pleased when he returned to 23cm eme in recent years and we could QSO again.

Rest in Peace my friend, your contribution to the world was a mighty one.

73 Peter G3LTF

On 05/01/2021 10:54, DW Harms PA2DW via Moon-net wrote:

  Dear friends,


  It is my sad duty to bring you yet another bad tiding. Yesterday, in presence of his family, my old friend and Elmer Jan PA0SSB passed away peacefully.

  Jan was seriously ill already for some time, but never talked too much about it. We had our regular sundaymorning technical talks on 80 meters and Jan was netleader. However, for about a month or so he just came in shortly to say hello and the last two weeks he was not there at all. Our alarm bells were right, Jan was not doing well…


  I will pass on any of your condolence messages to his family.


  With a heavy heart,


  Dick PA2DW

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