[Moon] "Cheap" SDR question

Bob DeVarney W1ICW w1icw at myfairpoint.net
Sun Jan 24 00:38:49 CET 2021

Realistically speaking, as long as you have the preamp at the antenna, 
the receive side of things is much less demanding, coax-wise. Depending 
on the band and length necessary, you could probably get away with RG-6.

Also, I know that several people are remoting their SDR receivers via 
USB-CAT5 converters to copy GOES weather satellite imagery. You might 
check out the various groups related to weather satellite imagery, both 
on Facebook and the Internet at large.

VY 73 de W1ICW

On 1/23/2021 5:13 PM, Patrick Thomas via Moon wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm sure this question must have been asked, but I can't find the right search terms to give me a solid answer.  Looking at the specs for middle-of-the-road SDR units such as the SDRPlay RSP2pro, it seems like the radio should be competitive with traditional "decent" (maybe not top-grade) receivers used behind a preamp, especially considering the potential lack of a transverter for 13cm or below.  They have an external clock reference input and everything.
> Not only that but, in this era of tiny linux machines, the radio could be mounted extremely close to the feedpoint, if properly isolated/switched, which could save a lot of extremely-low-loss coax on the receive side.  The decoded information could then be sent via ethernet, etc. back to the shack.
> Nevertheless it seems that this is not routinely done.  Before trying it myself and finding some big limiting problem, just curious if there's any prior work out there I can learn from.
> Thanks,
>   - Pat, KB8DGC
> PS: If there's anyone in EN82 who wouldn't mind answering some newbie questions in general, that would be great too. :)
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