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Serge Szpilfogel ve1kg at eastlink.ca
Sat Jul 17 15:15:29 CEST 2021

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Excellent idea  Erwin it will help the use of Q65A. I always have polarity
issues with  central America & the islands around. I was fortunate that
HI8DL had the patience to stay with me all that time. See you on Q65A Erwin

Serge ve1kg
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Hi Serge,

same happened to me too last moon. I was totally surprised to have a signal
decoded at -32dB. Q65 is the best ever mode for EME by Joe + team thanks so
much. My next DXped will be Q65 only and JT on request.

73's Erwin/DK5EW


Am 2021-07-16 22:35, schrieb Serge Szpilfogel via Moon-net:
> I have been trying to work HI8DL for the last 6month on JT65B no 
> success . Today using Q65A we FINALLY completed. Q65A decoded at -32db 
> & he copied me -26db. I am totally convinced than Q65A is more 
> sensitive than JT65B. I have never decoded a station at -32db on JT65
> I only wish more people start using Q65A. I am very pleased. Thank you 
> Joe & the team. Great job
> 73
> Serge VE1KG
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