[Moon] 10ghz eme beacon

Charles g3wdg at moon-net.eu
Mon Jul 26 07:05:29 CEST 2021

Hi Per

Its great to have the beacon on again, even at reduced power.

I copied it this morning with 1.2m dish here and decode level was -11 to 
-12. Today's signals can be degraded by up to at least 10dB and still 
achieve decodes, so it should be possible to receive the beacon with 
antennas less than 1.2m easily.


Charlie G3WDG

On 26/07/2021 06:56, Per Dudek via Moon wrote:
> hi
> the 10 ghz beacon is up again using the 7w driver pa only .at 
> elevation of 7 degrees +8db echo.the 50w pa will be changed in the 
> output design by charlie g3wdg.that will take some time.
> reports  from the 7w beacon are welcome.
> vy73 per dk7lj
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