[Moon] QSL K7CA

Zdenek SAMEK-OK1DFC ok1dfc at seznam.cz
Wed Nov 3 13:20:48 CET 2021

Hi EME gang,
I would like to ask if any of you have a good contact for K7CA. I have 
worked with him several times on 1296 MHz and also sent several QSL cards 
direct with SASE. Unfortunately I have no message or QSL from him. I am 
missing the QSL to WAS 1296 MHz award. Can anyone help? I will be happy to 
send postage via PayPal if you pick up a QSL ticket from him and send it to 
my address.

Thank you in advance

Zdenek - OK1DFC
QRV EME 144 MHz - 24 GHz
WAC 70-23-13-6-3cm
WAZ #9 - WAS 432 #29
DXCC 432 - 1296 MHz

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